Fishing Club Dates

Fishing Club News is provided by the Fishing Club Committee, please see below dates for the next Fish Day..

Outings dates for the balance of 2023 are as follows:


2nd April – 6:00am – 12 Noon

22nd – 23rd April 6:00am Saturday to 12 Noon Sunday

7th May – 6:00am – 12 Noon

29th/30th Jul 6am – 12 noon Sunday 31 hour fish

12/13th Aug 6am – 12 noon Sunday 31 hour fish

3rd September 6am – 12 noon Sunday

1st Oct 5am – 12 noon

15th Oct 5am – 12 noon

29th Oct 5am – 12 noon

12th Nov 5am – 12 noon

26th Nov 5am – 12 noon

10th Dec 5am – 12 noon


Nominations are to be texted to 0434476403 by 6pm the day before.


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